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The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection's (PDEP) overall mission is to be protective of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's air, land and water from pollution and to safeguard the health and safety of its citizens by improving the environment. In pursuit of its basic mission, PDEP reviews and issues drilling permits, inspects drilling sites and handles reports from the public regarding water quality issues. It employs almost 3,000 personnel who work not only on drilling, but many other environmental aspects.

During 2008, the Department processed 451 Marcellus shale formation drilling permits, and 180 were processed during the first quarter of 2009. Assuming this trend continues, it represents a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 58%--an average of 60 permits per month in 2009 compared to an average of 38 per month in 2008. The Department projected operators would apply for over 5,000 drilling permits of all kinds during 2010. Typically only 1 in 3 wells permitted ever gets drilled.

PDEP's Oil and Gas Program issues all permits for oil and gas wells and monitors the drilling to make sure it complies with the law. That includes plugging wells. Companies must submit water management plans to PDEP. Whenever hydro-fracturing is involved in completing wells, companies are also required to file stimulus plans. These includes a statement of how much water is to be withdrawn. PDEP monitors plans to make sure no streams are dewatered or downstream users affected. PDEP has certain policing powers too and can issue violations as well as collect fines.

Executive Contacts

  • Michael Krancer is Acting PDEP Secretary.
  • Teresa Candori is Press Secretary for PDEP.
  • David J. Raphael is PDEP Chief Counsel.
  • Scott R. Perry, is Director, Bureau of Oil and Gas Management.
  • John Hines is PDEP's Deputy Secretary for Water Management.
  • Dana Aunkst is Acting PDEP Deputy Secretary for Field Operations.
  • Robert Yowell is PDEP's Northcentral Regional Director.
  • George Jugovic Jr. is PDEP's Southwest Regional Director.
  • Jack Crook is Compliance Chief – Oil and Gas.
  • Craig Lobin is Northwest Regional Manager in PDEP's Oil and Gas Program.
  • Alan Eichler is Southwest Manager of PDEP's Oil and Gas Program.
  • Jennifer Means is North-Central Oil and Gas Program Manager.
  • Jenifer Fields heads up the southeast regional water management program.
  • Tom Rathbun is a spokesman for PDEP regarding drilling wastewater issues.
  • Helen Humphreys is a PDEP spokeswoman in Washington County.
  • Thomas Starosta is a PDEP water quality engineer.
  • John Ryder is a Water Quality Specialist Supervisor for the Oil and Gas Division, Williamsport.
  • Mark Carmon is a PDEP spokesman in northeast PA.
  • Daniel T. Spadoni is a PDEP spokesman in northeast PA.
  • Freda Tarbell is a spokesperson in Clarion County, PA.
  • John Hamilton and Neil Weaver are spokesmen in Clearfield County, PA.
  • Dan Vilello is a PDEP Community Relations Specialist.
  • Katy Gresh is a PDEP Southwest Regional Office spokeswoman.


- PDEP Web site

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