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Traverse City, Michigan-based Savoy Energy LP is an oil and gas exploration company that has drilled almost 300 wells since it was formed in 1989. It focuses primarily on the State of Michigan, but has also branched out to Oklahoma.

A news account in March, 2011 identified the Adrian Field in formerly non-producing Lenawee County, located in the southeast of Michigan's Lower Peninsula as one of Savoy's areas of operations. A #1-16 Ruesink well there flowed 250 bbl of 39 gravity oil and 95 Mcf of natural gas from a perforated interval between 3,722 ro 3,734 feet deep after being treated with acid. The pay interval was said to extend from close to the top of the Trenton at 3,238 feet to the base of the perforated interval in Black-River at 3,734 feet. The bottom-hole pressure was 1,538 psi.

Six additional wells in the field, #4-8 Ruesink, #2-16 Ruesink, #5-8 Ruesink, #1-17 Buehrer, #2-8 Goetz, and #3-8A Goetz, were collectively producing 1,000 bbl/d.

  • Tom Pangborn is Savoy's Chairman and CEO,
  • Bill Sperry is the company's President and General Counsel.
  • Cheryl DeYoung is Secretary, Treasurer., and Manager of Accounting.
  • Jack Rokos is Operations Manager.
  • Mike Flynn is Land Managefr.
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