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Houston, Texas-based Spectra Energy Corp. (NYSE:SE) is one of the largest providers of natural gas gathering, pipeline, storage and processing in North America.

In September, 2008 Specta was reported as having been given permission from a Federal court to begin taking possession of five properties in rural Bedford Township, Pennsylvania for the purpose of building a natural gas storage field there.

The project is called the Steckman Ridge gas field, and it is a joint venture with New Jersey Resources of Wall, N.J. The purpose of the project is to store up to 12 billion cu. ft. of natural gas. It will supply gas to cities of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

It has been the subject of further litigation with landholders.

Texas Eastern Pipeline

Spectra through a subsidiary Spectra Energy Transmission, LLC operates Texas Eastern Transmission, LP (aka the Texas Eastern Pipeline), also commonly known as the “TETCO Pipeline.” It cuts across West Virginia, eastern Ohio, western and northern Pennsylvania and southern New York. This pipeline is more or less perfectly positioned to transmit Marcellus shale gas to eastern U.S. metro markets. In October, 2008 Texas Eastern announced the Texas Eastern Appalachia to Market (TEAM) expansion program. In July, 2009 Spectra announced the opening of a Pittsburg office to support its Appalachian capital development program including the TEAM project. It was to be located in Foster Plaza 5 on Holiday Drive.

  • Greg Ebel is Spectra Energy's President & CEO.
  • Susan Waller is a Vice President of the company.
  • Bob Riga is General Manager of Northeast Marketing.
  • Bill Yardley is Group Vice President of Spectra Energy Transmission.
  • Wendy Olson is a spokesperson for Spectra Energy.
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