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Castle Rock, Colorado and Plano, Texas-based Citrus Energy is a privately-held oil and gas exploration and production company. As of July, 2009 Citrus' Marcellus shale leasehold consisted of 40,000 acres located in Armstrong, Clarion, Northern Columbia, and Wyoming counties. According to the company website, all of their Marcellus acreage is located in close proximity to pipelines and seismic testing has been favorable.

In October, 2008 Citrus Energy was reported to have leased land from the Wyoming County Landowners Group which represents 67,000 acres in Wyoming County, Pennsylvania. This same landholder group was again in the news in September, 2009 when Chesapeake Energy made an offer for 37,000 acres.

Citrus was in the news at the end of September, 2009 when it had leased roughly 61 acres in Washington Township and 28 acres in Mehoopany Township from the Tunkhannock Area School Board in Wyoming County, PA. The Board is a member of the above mentioned landowners group, and had leased the remainder of its land, 127 acres, to Chesapeake. The terms of the Citrus lease had been similar to those of the Chesapeake one. The acreage leased by Citrus had been a certain landlocked parcel that was contiguous to a parcel owned by Proctor and Gamble that had previously been leased by Citrus.

Also in October, 2009 Citrus was reported to have applied to the Clarion County DEP office for an erosion and sedimentation permit. This had been for a well site in the northwest portion of Highland Township along Sarvey Mill Road and next to Farmington and Knox townships. The permit application stated that it was to be located on a ridge between Eagle (Engle) Run and Little Toby Creek. The company planned a horizontal well to the Marcellus shale formation. Dallas-Morris Drilling Inc.of Indiana, PA was to be drilling contractor. The surveying and permitting for the well site was in the process of being handled by Entech Engineering of Reading, PA.

The same October report mentioned that Citrus planned to begin drilling its very first Marcellus well by mid-October. It was to be located in Wyoming County on the Mehoopany School Board lease noted in the above paragraph.

Citrus had planned to drill 5 Marcellus wells in total during 2009, and it had secured the necessary permits for water withdrawals to drill and complete the wells as well as for waste water disposal. The company had been active in Pennsylvania since the summer of 2007 and had opened a field office in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

According to an early July, 2010 news account, Citrus had drilled four wells in collaboration with Procter & Gamble in Wyoming Co.; all four had been successful. The company planned additional wells with Procter, but also planned to drill on its own having accumulated a substantial leasehold in the county.

  • Lance Peterson is President of Citrus Energy.
  • David Oberbrockling is Vice President of the company and oversees well completions and work-overs.
  • William (Bill) D. Barber is Marcellus Shale Project Director.
  • Steve Myers is Director of Land and Legal Affairs.
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