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Richmond, Virginia-based Dominion Resources, Inc., aka Dominion Gas or Dominion Transmission Inc. (NYSE: D) is a public utility which owns drilling rights to about 600 to 800 thousand acres of the Marcellus shale. It sold roughly 115 million acres to Antero Resources, but retains a 7.5% royalty on any gas production from this acreage.

According to an October, 2008 report Dominion Gas had a well fire in Leidy Township, Clinton County, Pennsylvania and had to bring in a specially trained fire-fighting team from Texas in order to control it.

A November, 2008 report found Dominion Resources, Inc. leasing gas storage and possibly planning to drill on the Westmoreland Glass Factory site in Grapeville, Pennsylvania about 30 miles east of Pittsburgh in Westmoreland County. The site is controlled by the Beacon Redevelopment Industrial Corporation.

Dominion Exploration and Production Inc is reported to be in the process of drilling several wells in Indiana County, PA which is approximately forty miles northeast of Pittsburgh.

A report in December, 2008 indicated Dominion had won its lawsuit, Penneco Pipeline Corp, et al versus Dominion. Penneco had taken out hundreds of leases on land already leased to Dominion and used for gas storage. The court affirmed Dominion's right to the land, and that any wells drilled by Penneco on Dominion's leases would have to be transfered to Dominion.

Dominion Gas LLC was purchased by Houston, Texas-based Linn Energy in 2007.

In March, 2010, Dominion sold 500,000 acres of its remaining Marcellus shale leasehold to CONSOL/CNX Gas in an all cash sale for $3.475 billion.

In January, 2011 Dominion Resources Inc. announced plans to open a natural gas processing and fractionation plant on a 56-acre tract in Marshall County near New Martinsville about 20 miles south of Wheeling, WV. The tract, located in Natrium, WV, belongs to PPG Industries. Part of its Marcellus 404 Project,, Dominion was expected to invest hundreds of $millions in the plant. Dominion Transmission, a subsidiary, was to be operator.

The plant was to process natural gas from the Marcellus shale formation and to separate out natural gas liquids (NGLs). It is expected to flow up to 300 Mcf/d of natgas and process up to 38,000 Bbl/d of NGLs. The Natrium site is located within 10 miles of Dominion's TL-404 pipeline, an existing transmission line in Ohio and West Virginia, that the company planned to covert to a wet gas pipeline. PPG's Natrium plant employs 530 and produces various substances such as chlorine, calcium hypochlorite, muriatic acid and caustic soda. These substances are used to purify drinking water, produce pharmaceuticals and for many other applications. The Natrium plant is located close to rail lines, pipelines, and barge services for convenience of marketing the NGLs.

  • Paul Ruppert is a Senior Vice President of Dominion Transmission.
  • Robert C. Orndorff Jr. is Managing Director of Government Affairs.
  • Dave Mordan is Dominion's Natural Gas Liquids Operations Director.
  • Dan Donovan is a Dominion spokesman.
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