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Calgary, Alberta GASFRAC Energy Services Inc is a field service company that has pioneered the use of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) in the place of traditional water-based frac fluids.

The company was reported to have used its gelled LPG fracturing process to frac a Marcellus shale well in September, 2009.

One strength of GASFRAC's process is the elimination of waste water and the ensuing pollution issues.

GASFRAC was in the news in November, 2009 when it was hired by Junex Inc to conduct the first LPG frac ever conducted in eastern Canada on a Utica shale well. This well, the St-Augustin #1, is located on the north shore of the St. Lawrence Lowlands Basin.

The frac had used GASFRAC's patented Vantage(TM) technique. Perferations in the well bore had been opened with 1 cubic meter of acid (HC1-20Be), and then 61 tons of sand (40/70) were injected into the well that were propelled by 251 cubic meters of propane. An observation well had been used by Schlumberger personnel to record the micro-seismic events associated with generating the fractures. Preliminary analysis indicated that the fractures were generated in two zones.

  • Audis Byrd is GASFRAC's Vice President of U.S. Operations
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