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The Gentilly #1 well was first drilled in 2006 as a Cambrian/Trenton-Black River test, but during 2008 was recompleted as a Utica/Lorraine Shale play well. Initial results during the summer of 2008 indicate a sustained flow rate in excess of 800 Mcf/d before being shut in. The test well was vertical, but according to management it will most likely be developed as a horizontal well. It is a joint venture of Canadian Quantum Energy, Talisman Energy Inc. and Questerre Energy Corporation. The latter company is the operator.

The well is located 30 km east of Trois-Rivières on the south side of the St. Lawrence River in the Province of Quebec and about 100 km south of Quebec City.

In November, 2009 Canadian Quantum announced that it was to participate in the Gentilly #2A HZ, a pilot horizontal well offsetting the original vertical Gentilly #1 to test the Utica shale potential in the St. Lawrence Lowlands. This was the second well in the pilot program. The 'St. Edouard #1H had been first. Drilling was to commence in December, 2009 and take around 35 days to finish. The company owns a small percentage of both the working and royalty interests in this well.

  • Update: #1 The Gentilly #2A HZ had been spud in mid-December targeting the middle Utica. The well was to be drilled to a depth of 9,567 feet with a 2,625 foot horizontal leg.
  • Update: #2 A report appeared in February, 2010 stating that drilling was finished on a horizontal well, the Gentilly #2. It had been drilled and cased to a depth of 8,835 feet with a 2,297 foot lateral. It was to be completed depending upon the results of the core analysis which at the time was not yet available. It was not clear from the report whether this horizontal well, Gentilly #2, is synonymous with the above mentioned Gentilly #2A HZ spud in mid-December, but that would be a logical supposition.

Note: More about Gentilly #2A HZ can be found on both the Questerre and Canadian Quantum wiki pages.

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