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Kittanning, Pennsylvania-based MDS Energy, LTD is an independent natural gas exploration & production company that is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MDS Associated Companies. The parent company also owns the drilling and service company First Class Energy, LLC. MDS Energy specializes in developing small acreage for shallow wells in residential and commercial areas, as well as vertical Marcellus wells on larger tracts.

The MDS Energy website, accessed in August 2010, indicates that it controls over 10,000 acres in Armstrong, Butler, Clarion, Jefferson, and Indiana Counties.

A news account in August 2010 stated that MDS Energy had made an open invitation to landowners in its service area to join in a pool of up to 500,000 acres that could be offered for sale to a large bidder. The article mentioned that the company either already owned or else had commitments for 300,000 acres. Knapp Acquisitions & Production, LLC was partnering with MDS Energy on this project. Reportedly, MDS had drilled 11 Marcellus Shale wells, but required support, possibly from a joint venture partner, to further develop its acreage to best advantage.

  • Michael D. Snyder is President of MDS Energy, LTD and First Class Energy, LLC.
  • Shawn Cogley and Jason Knapp are MDS Energy land agents.
  • Mike Knapp, President of Knapp Acquisitions & Production, LLC, is contact on the MDS Energy leasehold sale.
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