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In August, 2008 Inergy Midstream, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Inergy LP, was in the process of developing the 43-mile-long Marc I Hub Line, a 24 inch pipeline connecting an Inergy lateral pipeline off The Tennessee Gas Pipeline's 300 Line and Transco's Leidy Line. Both of these two interstate lines cut through Bradford County, PA where this Inergy interconect is located.

The CEO was quoted as saying that Inergy's goal is to:

"...create an integrated Northeast gas infrastructure hub utilizing our existing 40 miles of pipeline and nearly 40 Bcf of gas storage capacity that with the construction of the 43 mile Marc I Hub Line, is strategically connected to Transco, TGP, and the Millennium pipelines."

The Marc I Project is expected to enter service by the forth quarter of 2011, assuming approval by regulators.

According to an August, 2009 company press release, the potential users of this line made expressions of interest that exceeded the pipeline's capacity by 400% in the open season held the prior month.

An October, 2009 report indicated that the line was being built by Central New York Oil & Gas Co, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Inergy Midstream LLC. The report noted that the Marc I Hub Line was to begin at Wyalusing in Sullivan County and traverse southward through eastern Sullivan County to connect up with the Transco Leidy Line in Benton, PA. The Leidy Line heads southward through Lycoming and Columbia counties. At the northern end of the line, natural gas from Bradford County's Marcellus shale wells was to flow via the Stagecoach gas line to Central New York Oil & Gas Co.'s Stagecoach gas storage facility in Owego, NY.

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