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Producing Marcellus shale wells in Ohio as of June, 2010
Map courtesy of the Ohio Geological Survey

The neighboring State of Ohio is not nearly as prospective for Marcellus shale as Pennsylvania or West Virginia, but nevertheless 16 permits were issued in 2008 for Marcellus wells.

The regulator of natural gas drilling in Ohio is the Ohio Division of Mineral Resources Management.

Monroe was the most active county in Ohio in 2008 with 75 wells of all kinds drilled. Most of these were drilled to the Ohio shale. The other two most active counties were the urbanized ones of Cuyahoga with 69 wells and 67 wells for Geauga.

According to a June, 2010 report 60 permits all together had been issued to date for Marcellus shale drilling in Ohio. Belmont County was in the lead with 19 permits, followed by Jefferson (14), Washington (13), and Monroe (9). All of these counties are located in eastern Ohio.

A different June, 2010 report gave the following partial breakdown of wells drilled by county:

County        No. of wells
Belmont                 12
Jefferson                8
Monroe                   7
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