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Potter County is another one of the northern Pennsylvania counties that skirt along the New York State border. It is almost exactly in the middle with the border counties of Tioga to its east and McKean to the west. Clinton and Cameron Counties are immediately south, and across its northern border is Steuben County, NY.

As of November, 2010 two (2) drilling permits had been issued in the county seat Borough of Coudersport to Penn Virginia Corporation (PVA). Permits had also been issued in the townships of:

Abbott           7
Allegany         3
Clara            7
Hebron           1
Hector           3 
Pleasant Valley 13
Sharon           1
Sweden           8 
West Branch     16 
Wharton          3 

As of November, 2010, two companies were tied for the most number of permits in the county. They were:

  • Ultra Petroleum with a total of 23 permits all located in either Abbott or West Branch Townships.
  • Pennsylvania General Energy (PGE), also with 23 permits arrayed 13 in Pleasant Valley Twp., 7 in Clara and 3 in Wharton.

Other companies that had obtained permits in the county during 2010 include:

     Company       No. Permits     Township
Seneca Energy            8           Sweden
Triana Energy            3           Hector
J-W Operating            1           Sharon
Guardian Exploration     1           Hebron
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