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Tulsa, Oklahoma-based Samson Investment Company (aka Samson Resources) is a privately-held oil and gas exploration and production company.

A February, 2011 news article stated that Samson's leased holdings in Somerset County, Pennsylvania amounted to 120,000 acres. The company had drilled 5 Marcellus shale wells in the county, and two of these were producing to sales. It planned 11 additional wells during 2011, and already had 3 permits to drill.

According to a March, 2009 report Samson was in the process of drilling a well targeted at the Marcellus shale on the Paul Menhorn farm near Berlin in south central Pennsylvania's rural Somerset County.

An April, 2009 report indicated that Samson was drilling five wells altogether in the southern part of Somerset Co. Once the wells were drilled, the company planned further testing.

Samson was reported in September, 2009 to be owner of Marcellus shale drilling rights in western Maryland amounting to:

  • 50,000 acres in Garrett County, east of Accident, MD; and
  • 20,000 acres in Allegany County, west of Cumberland.

The company planned to submit applications for permits to drill four exploratory wells five miles apart to test the Marcellus interval in late September, 2009. These wells were expected to take 25 to 50 days to drill. Should the test wells be successful, the company planned to undertake an expanded drilling program during 2010.

A November, 2009 report found Samson having submitted four permit applications in Garrett County, MD. These were being reviewed by the Maryland Department of the Environment.

According to a January, 2011 news report, Samson was only actively planning to drill one of these four locations immediately south of Pocahontas, PA.

  • Scott Rowland is Samson's Vice President of Business Development.
  • Steve Trujillo is Samson's Marcellus Shale Engineering Manager in Maryland and Pennsylvania.
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