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Williamsport, Pennsylvania-based TerrAqua Resource Management LLC (TARM) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Larson Design Group, an architectural and engineering firm. It operates a 77,000-square-foot facility at Water Tower Square near the Faxon interchange on I-180 in Williamsport, PA for recycling Marcellus shale waste water. The company has plans to build additional plants in Tioga and Bradford counties.

TerrAqua removes sediments and metals which are concentrated, dehydrated and pressed into cake for shipment to a solid waste disposal facility. In the first six months of 2010, according to PDEP records, TerrAqua processed approximately 7.5% of drilling waste water disposed of by the industry or about 17 million gallons. Since being founded, it has treated 35 million gallons. The plant has the capacity of handling 400,000 gallons per day and has 2 million gallons of on-site storage.

TerrAqua was issued a draft discharge permit in May, 2009 for a gas well wastewater treatment plant on the Susquehanna River's West Branch by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PDEP). It was one of eleven planned wastewater plants being reviewed by PDEP along the North and West branches of northcentral Pennsylvania's Susquehanna River. The wastewater was to be generated by Marcellus shale drilling in the area.

In July, 2009 the company proposed a process of thermal evaporation to transform the gas well wastewater into distilled water and salts and other waste into cake.

  • Quay D. Schappell is an industrial waste water design engineer and contact person for TerrAqua Resource Management.
  • Martin J. Muggleton is a principal of Larson Design Group, parent company of TerrAqua, and is Vice President and contact person for the latter company.
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