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Allegheny County, Pennsylvania is the home of the City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is bordered on the north by Beaver, Butler and Armstrong counties and in the south by Washington and Westmoreland counties. During 2011 the county added one producing Marcellus shale well bringing its total up to four.

Roughly 7% of the county's land had been leased since 2003. By May, 2010 over 2,000 parcels had been leased for exploration. Most of these had taken place since 2008 indicating a very rapid, recent build-up in lease activity.

These leases were held by:
Company            Leases               Acres
DPS Penn            1,654               7,646
Huntley & Huntley     798              10,990
Sylvan                270             unknown  
Everest Exploration   184               3,175
Kriebel Resources     135               2,997
Principal Energy Res. 105                 675
Patriot Explor.   unknown                 917
Range Resources        88               2,527
Penneco                83             unknown
Great Lakes En. Part.  80               3,175*
BLX Inc.               63               1,723
Dorso             unknown                 661
                  -------             -------
TOTAL               3,748              35,393
*wholly-owned by Range Resources
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