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Williamsport, Pennsylvania-based Eureka Resources LLC is a provider of wastewater treatment in the Williamsport area in northeast Pennsylvania. It operates a 60,000 square foot plant there with the capacity to recycle 200,000 gallons of Marcellus shale drilling waste water per day.

In August, 2009 it had signed a long-term contract with Aqua-Pure Ventures for two of its Nomad units for treatment of Marcellus shale wastewater. After sediments are removed, Eureka uses a thermal process to effectively distill waste water. The water can then be released into the Willimasport sewer system.

The pollued water is boiled and produces steam. This leaves behind a residue of contaminated substances dissolved in the water. The steam produced condenses into pure distilled water. The process recovers an average of 75 to 80% pure distilled water with TDS measuring below 150 ppm and only trace chlorides.

According to PDEP, the company processed 10.3 million gallons of waste water during the second half of 2010. The residue of this process is a highly concentrated brine which is trucked to an injection well in Ohio.

A news account appeared in October, 2010 indicating that Aqua-Pure had recently moved three mobile water-handling units from the Barnett shale area in Texas to Eureka Resources' facility in Williamsport to recycle Marcellus shale waste water. Customers being served by the plant included Range Resources, Chesapeake Energy, Southwestern Energy and XTO Energy.

  • Daniel J. Ertel is an owner of Eureka.
  • Tim Butters is co-owner of the company.
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